Thursday, May 8, 2014

China Glaze Highlight of My Summer

I know it's still spring, but I love summer too much and most of my manis are turning into summer ones instead of spring. Oh well! I have a fantastic color to share with you today! China Glaze Highlight of my Summer is a bright, bright, bright mint green color. It's so stunning! This polish glowed on my hands no matter what light I was in and somehow, someway made my hands look tan. Is that even possible?!? Haha. But really though I love this color. I think it would looks amazing on anyone. Since it is a pastel color and kind of a neon, it doesn't have the best formula, but it is workable! I did notice quicker tip wear/chips with this polish too. But man, that color makes up for all of that. 

I really didn't need to add anything, but I wanted to add some glitter so I used I'm a Go Glitter. The glitters are beautiful, but it was kind of meh for application. I wish the glitter was a bit denser and I picked up more on my brush in one swipe. But obviously it's workable! 

Inside lighting

Sunlight (outside)

Thanks for checking out my post! Peace, love and polish!

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Disclaimer: All items shown were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own and honest.


  1. Now that is a STUNNING color and I really love what you did with the glitter :) I have so many glitter polishes that make me frustrated cause they do not want to apply evenly and there is a whole lot of struggle with them. They are workable though so I just need to have patience (which I do not have :P)
    You have such a lovely blog and such a lovely YT channel :)
    Im a new subbie on both :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you are liking what you see. :) Glitters can be hard, but I can tell you the more you work with them the easier it will get. I need to do more on my blog, it's been a little neglected since my main focus has been on my YT channel.