Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snowflake with Essie Parka Perfect

It's funny...I wanted to do some type of nail design yesterday with a snowflake, and then it snowed outside! Gave me perfect reason to do the manicure I did. Pretty happy with how it turned out. I am in LOVE with my ring finger and think I'll be using that design a lot more often. It creates such a cool pattern on your nails!

I used Essie's Parka Perfect as my base. In the bottle this color is so pretty, a muted greyish blue with a hint of silver shimmer, but I'm not such a fan of this color on my nails. The formula was pretty hit or miss. Sometimes it went on thin and sometimes it went on thick and gloopy. It did eventually self level, but it took time and needed a little extra work while applying. The shimmer didn't come through at all, and I really wanted it to have that snow glisten effect, so I used Essie Pure Pearlfection (an effect top coat to add a sparkly iridescent shimmer). It's such a pretty effect!  I think this would look so awesome over so many different colors.

On my middle finger I used a black nail art pen and drew a snowflake. I could not, for the life of me, draw a snowflake using my left hand, so I don't have one on my right hand. :( Oh well. I used 6 pieces of striping tape to create the cross pattern on my ring finger. *drool* I used Zoya Pixie Dust London for the grey. The Pixie Dust line is their version of a textured polish. Using the texture on top gave it so much more dimension. It almost looks like I have an embossed nail.

I finally am able to use my light box, but it's not as easy as I was hoping it would be. I still have to play around with the lighting a lot. I do have a lot less glare, but I don't have as much light either. Nothing will compare to taking pics outside, but I'm hoping I can get it figured out enough to have decent looking pictures.

Thanks for checking out my post! Much love and polish!

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Disclaimer: All items shown were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own and honest.