Sunday, November 9, 2014

Graceful Polish California Love Collection Review

Today I've got another review post for you. I was contacted by Grace who just recently launched her nail polish line called Graceful Polish. She asked if I would be interested in doing a review on YouTube for her and I obviously accepted this great opportunity. She didn't ask me to do a blog post, but I thought it would be nice to do. Come take a look at the swatches after the jump!

First I want to link my YouTube review in case any of you are curious. I do live swatches as well as talk about each polish in depth.

Before we begin, I need to type a paragraph to tell you something I loooove about these polishes. The consistency of all five of these polishes is right on point. They aren't too thick or too thin; I feel like all polishes should be the consistency of these. It made application an absolute dream. I had hardly any clean up at all because I was able to control the polish so well. That in itself made me fall in love with these polishes. Wear time on these polishes was good as well, I had no issues with quick tip wear or chips. I got five days before I got any chips and I noticed slight tip wear on day four. This is the normal amount of time I typically get from a manicure.

Let's start off with one of my faves, Alcatraz. This is an opaque deep charcoal grey with a heavy shimmer, almost leaning a little metallic. This polish is opaque in almost one coat, but I still suggest two. This is a great fall and winter shade and I think is great for layering glitter or other polishes on top of.  Swatches are two coats.

Next up is a lavender purple based polish called Cherry Blossom. This polish has larger magenta and holo hexes as well as some very small teal glitters. This polish is sheer and needs 3 coats to be opaque. A downfall with this polish is that the glitters get covered because you need to add so many coats. While you can get this opaque on it's own, I think this would be better as a layering polish. Still super easy to apply though and the glitters come out of the bottle well!

Another great fall shade is Golden Gates which is a coppery shimmery metallic. This needs 2-3 coats depending on how thick your coats are. A great thing about this polish (and the rest) is that there are no brush strokes! You can see the strokes in the pictures a little bit, but in real life you don't notice them at all. I think this would make another great base for glitters or other fun polishes. Swatches have three coats.

Sorry this coloring in this pic is a little off. I had to use a pic from my phone. The photo below is a better color representation.

Sunshine State is up next. This has a yellowy golden base with different sizes of green hexes with some holos thrown in. This is the sheerest polish in the collection. Photos have three coats but I honestly think it could have used another.  Since it's sheer I think it would be better layered. This isn't my favorite color, but I still think a lot of people will like it. I did notice too I had to fish a little bit to get the larger glitter out, but besides that this was super easy to apply (see top paragraph lol).

And of course I've saved the best for last. My friend Big Sur and I are going to be good friends. This one is also on the sheer side and needs three coats, but I love the color. It's a teal leaning green base with lots of silver glitter mixed in. This polish does look great on it's own but I love it even more layered over Alcatraz. Once I layered it I thought the polish had a lot more dimension.

Let's not forget some nail art! I used Alcatraz and Big Sur and some nail vinyls to complete the look.

Are there any that you see that you feel like you get to pick up? I'm really digging her formulas and I'm looking forward to seeing more from Graceful Polish! You can purchase them from her website, You can check out her Instagram @graceful.polish too!

Thanks for checking out my post! Peace, love and polish!

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Disclaimer: Polishes in this post were provided by Graceful Polish for a review. All opinions are my own and honest.

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