Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sally Hansen NEW Triple Shine

Sally Hansen recently came out with a new line called Triple Shine. Some colors looked promising, and others I felt were pretty blah and nothing spectacular. Although I didn't like the higher price tag, I thought I would pick one up to see how I liked it. The polish I bought is called Sparks Fly. This polish has a blue base with muli-sized silver glitters. Since this is a glitter polish, my review may not be fair to the whole line, but a glitter polish should still have a good formula. Unfortunately though, all I can say about this polish is yuck. Didn't like the formula, size, packaging or price. I layered this polish over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. Lots of pics and my review after the jump!

Packaging. There is a lid that you have to take off before you untwist the cap to use the polish. I don't like it when companies do this because I feel like it's a waste of packaging. This bottle is really tall and only has .34 fl oz of product, and the size of the bottle is deceiving to me. While the bottle isn't as wide or deep as an OPI bottle, you can see in the picture that it's just as tall. To me, the bottle looks like you are getting a lot more product than what you really are. The brush reminds me of the Insta-Dri ones, the wand is really big and it's hard to get the brush in the bottle. I really don't know why they keep using that design.

Price and product amount. First off, I want to say that I think most (not all) drugstore brands are very overpriced which is why I am very selective at the drugstore when it comes to polish. Many drugstore brands are not a full size polish (.5 fl oz) but still have a price tag of anywhere from $4-$9. Higher brands such as OPI don't seem nearly as expensive when you compare how much per oz you are spending. The Sally Hansen Triple Shine is retailing for $4.50-$5.00 depending on where you buy it. I bought mine at Target for $4.59. It's not quite as high as some other drugstore polishes, but I still think it's on the higher side.

Formula. Thick, unforgiving, uneven, and it didn't self level. It was hard to apply and impossible to get even. You can see on my nails how it's a darker blue (thicker) on some spots and other spots it's a lighter blue (thinner). I have read a few reviews where people liked this product, maybe I got a bad bottle? I don't know. Either case, I haven't picked up any others yet and I honestly don't know if I will. I've only worn it one time, maybe I'll try again with really thin coats and see if that helps.

Thanks for checking out my post! Much love and polish!

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Disclaimer: All items shown were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own and honest.

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