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Manicure/Nail Art Must Haves!

This post is pretty picture heavy, there's a lot I want to share! First though, I want to mention that I have another post I really want to get done today, but these actually do take me some time, taking all the pics, editing them, etc. etc., and we are leaving for New Mexico on Friday and I have a lot to get done before then so I don't know if I'll have a chance to do it today. If not today though I will have it up tomorrow. So be sure to check back and check out that one! It'll be a review of a polish and the mani that I did.

I want to share with you some things I have purchased over the last couple months mainly for nail art designs. What's so amazing is how inexpensive these all are! Most items were purchased on Amazon and I will link everything for you so you can take advantage of the opportunity too!  Everything is priced so low because they are shipping straight from retailers in China and Japan. So the only drawback is that it can take a few weeks for you to get your items, but I'll take it!  Not to mention that sometimes it still comes really fast, I had my striping tape in 8 days. I was pretty impressed. I have tons of info, so let's get into it!

Dotting Tools

The questions I've been asked the most so far is, "How do you get those dots on your nails?" Dotting tools, that's how! People say you can use a pin or pencil or whatever, but you only get one size and it's hard to work with and a waste of time in my opinion. I got these bad boys on Amazon for just over $2 and now they are even listed cheaper, here. $1.67 with FREE shipping.

I love these and recommend them for any beginner or someone trying to get into nail art. Easy to use and a variety of sizes. I do have to say though that you only end up getting 6 sizes instead of 10, on one side they are the same size (you can see this in the photos). I'm still very pleased with them though and they make your manis look so professional and it's super simple!   

$1.67 + $0 shipping

Nail Art Brushes

This is a 15 piece brush set. There are way more in here than I will probably ever use. Fan brushes, stripers, angled and flat brushes and a teeny tiny dotting tool that has made painting my nails so much easier. I paid around $3 for this set and currently it is listed at $2.39 with FREE shipping on Amazon. Nail Art Brushes.  These have helped me a lot, especially the stripers. An important thing about these though...to really remove all the polish when you are done using it you need to use paint thinner. You only need a little bit, but first I just tried using nail polish remover and it does NOT work. Paint thinner though cleans them like a champ! Even if you only end up using 3 or 4 I still think this is worth the couple bucks. Not to mention My Secret Weapon came from this bunch. 

$2.39 + $0 shipping

My Secret Weapon

I seriously love this teeny tiny dotting tool. I haven't really used it as a dotting tool because it is so small and I have my other set, but this has lots of other uses! 

  • I use this in place of a toothpick. Toothpicks have pointy edges that hurt and are small and hard to hold. This is round so no poking yourself and since it has a long handle it's easy to hold. 
  • It can scrape out unwanted polish that pools in your cuticle line or down the side of your nail. Before I would use my nails, but that was always hard if your nails were wet! Now I just wipe this off on my paper towel and it makes my cleanup a lot easier. If you get polish on your skin and it's still wet this will scrape most of it off.
  • Push chunky glitter around on your nail. Place that glitter anywhere you want!
  • Apply rhinestones or other small objects to your nails.
  • I'm sure you can find more uses!

$0 (included with brush set)

Striping Tape

This stuff has saved so much frustration and time!  You can really make a lot of cool designs with tape, but cutting scotch tape to make thin straight lines is impossible for me. If you are amazing and can do it, then great for you, but I have issues doing that!  You can lay them side by side for a thicker line too. But for chunkier designs or other shapes I would still use scotch tape. You get 10 rolls of different color tape so it should last a while. I purchased mine for $1.03 from Amazon and now they are showing up as $1.00 with FREE shipping. Striping Tape  

$1.00 + $0 shipping

So those are all the items that I consider MUST HAVES. The next few I'm going to show you are personal preference and are not essential, but I think they are nice add-ons.


There are TONS of different colors, sizes and shapes that you can find on Amazon. This set contains 3,000 rhinestones in 12 different colors. I purchased mine for $1.49!  To buy these at a beauty or craft store would cost you around $20-30. They are currently listed on Amazon for $1.39  Colored Rhinestones

Middle picture (left to right): blue, red, purple, green, clear, light pink
Bottom picture (left to right): light green, black, light blue, light purple, hot pink, yellow/golden

 $1.39 + $0 shipping

There is another set I purchased but I have not received it yet. It's a set of 1,200 with 12 different shapes and sizes that are all clear. I can't tell what some of them are from the photos, but it does look like you get moons, squares, hearts, butterflies, things like that. I paid $.59 plus $.73 shipping, totaling $1.32. They are still the same price right now. I've included the stock photo. Clear Rhinestones

$.59 + $.73 shipping = $1.32

Nail Wheels

This is something that no one really has to have, but I really like swatching my polishes. They can look so different after they dry and you never know how glittery or shimmery ones will look till you see it dry on a nail. I purchased mine for over $5 at Sally's and I wish I had waited and got them on Amazon. They are listed for $3.89 with FREE shipping. Nail Wheel

 $3.89 + $0 shipping

Different q-tips

These are pointed q-tips and I find they work a lot better than regular ones. I bought these at Wal-Mart for under $2. Again, this is just something I wanted to show you, you don't really need these. I couldn't find these online.

Under $2

Whew! That was a lot of info!

I hope I haven't fried your brain too bad, haha. If you were to purchase everything I mentioned (minus the q-tips) you would only spend $11.66!!!!!!  I think that is amazing. If you only wanted the must haves (dotting tools, brush set and tape) you would only spend $5.06. I don't know about you, but I think that's a fabulous deal. I was so happy I could get all of this for such a great price because now I can make awesome manis and not feel guilty about it.

I hope this was informative for those of you that read this!

Disclaimer: All items shown were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own and honest.

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