Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shop your discount stores!

I really can't believe that my last post was three weeks ago....I've been pretty busy with my mom coming into town a lot and then I had my LA trip, but now that's all over I can get myself into a routine (hopefully)! Time is flying by right now. My ultimate goal is to get to two posts a week. Right now I'm aiming for once a week and once I can get that down then I want to get another post in. Writing the post itself isn't hard, but taking all the pics, the editing, painting my nails or anything I have to do is what takes all the time. I just need to find a balance that works for me.


Go check out discount stores!! I've seen OPI, China Glaze, Orly, drugstore, and many other random brands at these places for great deals! I honestly never thought to check there for polish and/or makeup items, but they do have them! Sorry if you are thinking, "uh, duh Katie!!" and you have known this forever, but I am just joining the loop!!  Some places I've checked are Ross, TJMaxx, Big Lots, Marshall's and Gordman's. Marshall's and Gordman's selection though was pretty limited. However, you can find some great polishes at these places. Some places sell the polishes individually and other places you buy them in a pack. I'd say the only cons to shopping at discount stores is that they have very limited selection and if they are in a pack you may only like 2 colors in that set and don't want the rest. But I still think it's worth it to look into it.

And before we get into the pics, I have sad news to tell you. I broke a nail. :( Rather I bent my nail (on Brendan's head of course) and it bent so far back that some of nail came apart from my skin. Aaaaaand it had to happen the day I was planning on doing my swatches for this post (which was a little over a week ago). I did my swatches anyway but I didn't paint any on that nail because putting polish/remover on an open wound would not have been a great idea!! So you will see a really really short nail in these pics! Also, I have two tutorials I really want to do, but I'm gonna have to wait a few weeks till my nail grows back. I'm sure I'll find something to blog about until then!

All polishes have 2 coats except for one which I will mention. Overall, I loved the formulas, colors, and variety that I got in this set!

Man, I'm rambling today, see what happens when I don't post in forever, haha. :) Onto the swatches......

This is obviously what the package looks like. I loved that I could get a wide variety of the different lines! And how can you beat $5.99 for 5 bottles of polish?  You could spent $5.99 on just one of these bottles at full retail value. Great deal!

I love that Let's Dance is in a clear base, makes it much more versatile. Pretty light blue and silver chunky glitter. While I personally would never wear Duchesse Lace on it's own (since it doesn't look very good with my skin tone), I love the sandy nude color for nail designs.

I LOVE the bright green in B-right On! It's not a neon, just an in-your-face bright color. Very unique in my opinion!  While LCD is pretty, you can see how sheer it is, which was disappointing. For this swatch I used 4 coats and still didn't get much build up in color. HOWEVER, the blue duo-chrome in this polish is so pretty that it totally makes up for the sheerness. The pictures really do not do it justice. I'm not sure if you can find the HD polishes anywhere? I haven't seen them much, but also never really looked for them either. 

This is such a pretty color! Chocolate shimmery brown is the best way to describe it. With fall coming up too, I think this would be a great color to wear. Loved the formula on this and may have to try some more from the insta-dri line. My only complaint is that the brush is wide and the neck of the bottle is narrow (see pic). I felt like I didn't have much room to move the brush around.

 Thanks for checking out my post! Much love and polish!

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Disclaimer: All items shown were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own and honest.

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