Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Trees

Lately it seems like I'm not having much luck with my manicures. They either aren't turning out very pretty or they are just getting messed up. Initially for this manicure I wanted to do Christmas trees and presents. The presents didn't turn out very well at all and then this happened...

Sorry for the poor image quality!

I didn't feel like fixing that finger so instead I decided to take off my presents and try something else. On my right hand I ended up doing more Christmas trees and my left I did stripes. My left hand turned out okay, but because I had to let my nails dry before top coat I ended up smudging a couple fingers. I went back and fixed the smudges, but it still looked better before.

The stripes ended up pretty bad too. I have never free handed stripes before, and it was hard! Ty gave me a few pointers to help get straight lines, so I'm hoping with some practice I'll start to have better lines. You really need a steady hand to get good, straight lines. What really disappointed me was my top coat. I've really been enjoying my Butter London top coat, but had never used it for nail art before. It dragged my polish. :(  I even let my stripes dry overnight before I applied my top coat, and you can see in my pointer and pinkey that it dragged some of the red.

But, having said all that, I'm really happy with how the Christmas trees with lights turned out!!  I think the glitter really looks like twinkling lights on a tree. Pretty easy to make too, just drew a green triangle on my nail and used a white striper to add the stripes, and then a dotting tool to apply my glitter. Then I used a smaller dotting tool to grab and apply my rhinestone at the top.

Merry Christmas!!!

Thanks for checking out my post! Much love and polish!

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